Alors il faut croire que ni le Hip Hop, ni le Punk n’est mort

Systematic Death — Crass


System, system, system - send him to school
System, system, system - force him to crawl
System, system, system - teach him how to cheat
System, system, system - kick him off his feet


They'll force feed his mind with their useless crap
Force feed his mind with their useless crap
System, system, system - they'll teach her how to cook
System, system, system - they'll teach her how to look
System, system, system - they'll teach her all the tricks
System, system, system - create another victim for their
greasy pricks


System, system, system - he's grown to be a man
System, system, system - He's been taught to fit the plan
System, system, system - forty years of jobs
System, system, system - Pushing little buttons,
pulling little knobs


They Schools — Dead Prez

Man that school shit is a joke
The same people who control the school system control
The prison system, and the whole social system
Ever since slavery, naw I'm saying?


Cuz for real, a mind is a terrible thing to waste
And all y'all high class niggas with y'all nose up
Cuz we droppin this shit on this joint, fuck y'all
We gon speak for ourselves
Knowhatimsayin? Cuz see the schools ain't teachin us nothin
They ain't teachin us nothin but how to be slaves and hardworkers
For white people to build up they shit
Make they businesses successful while it's exploitin us
Knowhatimsayin? And they ain't teachin us nothin related to
Solvin our own problems, knowhatimsayin?
Ain't teachin us how to get crack out the ghetto
They ain't teachin us how to stop the police from murdering us
And brutalizing us, they ain't teachin us how to get our rent paid
Knowhatimsayin? They ain't teachin our families how to interact
Better with each other, knowhatimsayin? They just teachin us
How to build they shit up, knowhatimsayin? That's why my niggas



1. Le jeudi 11 septembre 2014, 16:39 par peripapeticien papertinent

il faut donc le croire en langue de secouepoire

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