mercredi 29 avril 2020

Woooooooooo, ha.

Au-delà de la galerie, écoutez ce dont il est question.

mercredi 8 janvier 2020

La casa Owners

Chez Monsieur et Madame Owners, il y a des enfants qui jouent,
des chats qui grattent le BA13,
des écrans qui passent des clips de manele et de quadrille des Tuilleries,
un portrait de Robespierre et un de Malraux au mur,
une peinture de la Grand mère Owners, née Teldane, en 1913 et retirée du marché en 1997.
Exercice : vous êtes le restaurateur de meubles, il vous faut repeindre le lino du salon. Quelle est la surface totale du salon? Comment rentrer le canapé? Est ce qu'on peut brancher simultanément quatre appareils à raclette sur le panneau électrique sans mettre le feu à l'ossature bois?
RDC A101.4 PROJET M.&Mme Owners Maison Ossature Bois Présentation3 (1)_01.jpg

A 101 PROJET M.&Mme Owners Maison Ossature Bois Présentation3 (1)_01.jpg

mardi 11 juin 2019

Change your password immediately. Your account has been hacked.

I greet you!

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After that, I made a full dump of your disk (I have all your address book, history of viewing sites, all files, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts).

A month ago, I wanted to lock your device and ask for a small amount of money to unlock. But I looked at the sites that you regularly visit, and came to the big delight of your favorite resources. I'm talking about sites for adults.

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After payment, my virus and dirty photos with you self-destruct automatically. Narrative, if I do not receive the specified amount from you, then your device will be blocked, and all your contacts will receive a photos with your "joys".

I want you to be prudent. - Do not try to find and destroy my virus! (All your data is already uploaded to a remote server) - Do not try to contact me (this is not feasible, I sent you an email from your account) - Various security services will not help you; formatting a disk or destroying a device will not help either, since your data is already on a remote server.

P.S. I guarantee you that I will not disturb you again after payment, as you are not my single victim. This is a hacker code of honor.

From now on, I advise you to use good antiviruses and update them regularly (several times a day)!

Don't be mad at me, everyone has their own work. Farewell.

mercredi 27 mars 2019

SuperDupont capturant l'Araignée

lundi 17 décembre 2018

dernières phrases du Journal de l'ingénieur Frank Wolff en cours de traduction, écrit sur un carnet à spirales retrouvé dans sa couchette après l'atterrissage de la fusée